Acupuncture for Chronic Back Pain

Do you suffer from regular bouts of back pain? Well, you aren’t alone. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) cites back pain as being the single most common cause of worker disability worldwide. In the U.S. alone, Americans spend more than $50 billion treating back pain. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these treatments either don’t work or only offer temporary relief, at which point the pain returns even stronger than before. However there is increasing evidence regarding the use of acupuncture for chronic back pain.

Acupuncture for Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you should consider seeking acupuncture. As you may already know, acupuncture involves the placement of thin needles in specific areas of the body known as acupuncture points. By placing needles in these areas, it stimulates the body’s self-healing mechanism.

Researchers from the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine recently performed a meta-analysis of several existing studies to determine the effectiveness of acupuncture for the treatment of back pain. They found acupuncture to to be a “truly effective therapy.

From our analysis, the message for people with chronic low back pain is that acupuncture is a truly effective therapy that provides significant pain relief,” said Eric Manheimer, study author and director of database and evaluation for the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine. “Patients with low back pain have many options for treatment including medication, chiropractic care, physical therapy and back exercises.”

Of course, there are other steps that you can take to relieve chronic back pain, as well. For starters, you should get into the habit of exercising on a daily basis. Exercise — even if it’s just a short 30-minute jog around the neighborhood — will burn calories and unwanted fat while building muscle in the process. In turn, this can reduce the risk of back problems or even alleviate the symptoms of existing back problems.  Yoga is my personal favorite and a very effective form of personal physical therapy that creates both strength and flexibility and may help to resolve chronic back pain. Note: Always consult your physician regarding any new exercise programs if you have a high pain level.

Placing a hot/cold compress on your back may also offer temporary relief of pain. If the pain is caused or otherwise associated with inflammation, place a cold compress on the affected area. Doing so will discourage blood flow to the region, which should offer relief of the pain. Heat creates blood flow and is more therapeutic and healing.

Cold Therapeutic Laser is also an amazingly effective treatment protocol which can offer you “Needleless Acupuncture”.

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Note: Most conditions require multiple treatments.

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