Simple Tips To Detoxify Your Home

Our present day environment is filled with a wide array of chemicals and natural occurring substances that can be toxic to us. By helping detoxify and purify our living environment we can help create a healthier body. Here are some simple tips to detoxify your home.

Simple Tips To Detoxify Your Home
Don’t Wear Shoes Inside

Going barefoot leads to a cleaner home. Just think about all of the pesticides, toxic chemicals, bacteria, mold and other stuff you walk over on a daily basis. Wearing shoes inside your home means anything you walked over outside will trek into your home, placing you and your family members’ health at risk. To prevent this from happening, try to get into the habit leaving your shoes at the door.

Change The Air Filter

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently named indoor air pollution as being one of the top five hazards to public health. Although you can’t see, the air inside your home is riddled with dust and impurities, many of which can take its toll on your health. You help can control airborne pollutants by changing the air filter at least once every 30-60 days.


In addition to maintaining a clean air filter, you can also reduce airborne pollutants through the use of houseplants. Whether it’s a large cornstalk plant or a small potted aloe vera, plants are mother nature’s own air filter. They work to detoxify the air by absorbing pollutants while simultaneously releasing fresh oxygen back into the atmosphere. This one of our great simple tips helps to both detoxify your home and create a more peaceful living space

Switch To ‘Green’ Cleaning Products

If you’re still using the same bleach-based cleaning products, you should consider switching to all-natural, “green” products. They usually don’t cost much more than their counterpart, but you can rest assured knowing they don’t contain harsh chemicals and ingredients. Green cleaning products are typically made with things like citrus acid and vinegar.

Watch The Humidity

Allowing the humidity to rise inside your home will encourage the growth of mold and bacteria. Humidity is defined as the amount of moisture vapor in the air. When air moist, harmful microorganisms will reproduce with greater ease, which could lead to illness. If you believe humidity is a problem inside your home, consider installing a dehumidifier.


Vacuuming the floors can make a world of difference in the cleanliness of a home. In addition to picking up the obvious debris (e.g. dirt, dust and pet hair), it will also pick up harmful bacteria, mold, dust mites, fleas and more.

As you see, it’s easy to incorporate simple tips to detoxify your home. It also is worth considering detoxifying and cleansing programs for your body to boost your immune system and general wellbeing.

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