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“I get so much more out of my treatments than I bargain for! I signed up for “facial rejuvenation” through acupuncture, and in addition, I get treatment of me, as a whole. I have stopped counting the complements on my skin, too many to keep track. I would recommend Dr Rodney over and over again!” – Candace Noonan


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What can be considered as simple aesthetic factors (wrinklescellulite, adipose depositions, skin sagging, etc.) is actually a consequence of a general imbalance involving the body’s systems.

By recovering the physiological structure of the fat tissue, restoring the endocrine balance, detoxifying the extra cellular matrix, and promoting a correct metabolic functioning, can we expect to stimulate and repair the tissues’ tonicity, to help soften wrinkles, reduce adipose tissue, skin sagging, cellulitis, and reduced vascularity

Many people believe that facial wrinkles are the most obvious sign of getting old with the corresponding decrease in youth, vitality and the consequent loss of self esteem. Apart from external beauty, the skin also reflects a person’s troubles, anxiety and pain.

Rodney Dunetz, AP, DAOM, Dipl.Ac. is a world-class expert in Aesthetic Medicine.


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