Integrative Functional Medicine

Healthcare for the 21st Century

At the Dunetz Wellness Center, we don’t treat symptoms, we treat people with Integrative Functional Medicine.

Symptoms are clues our bodies give us when something is wrong, but too often conventional Western medicine treats symptoms while ignoring the underlying cause. As a result, many of us walk around each day wondering why we don’t feel “quite right”. And when conventional medicine tells us there is “nothing wrong” – at least nothing that they can find – we sadly believe that a suboptimal level of health is just our normal and that it is the best our bodies can achieve.

Integrative Functional Medicine | Boca Raton

Integrative Functional Medicine | Boca Raton | South Florida

Fortunately, with the proper healthcare approach, our bodies are capable of remarkable healing and immense vitality.

In our Functional Medicine practice, we look beyond symptoms – and even beyond disease – to gain a deeper understanding of the functioning of the entire person. We work in close partnership with our patients to uncover how every aspect of their lives – from genetics and environment to nutrition and stress – intertwines at the deepest level to affect the long-term health and wellness of the whole person.

Our Integrative approach also utilizes the latest scientific research and diagnostic testing to obtain unique insight into the function of the body, from how it responds to stress to its ability to absorb and utilize nutrients. We use the most modern and advanced testing methods. (click here to see some of our testing)

Dunetz Wellness Center also offers the most effective way to supplement your nutrition. Customized IV (intravenous) Vitamin Nutrient Infusion Therapy. Click here for information)  

The knowledge and understanding we gain from our patients, combined with our research-based diagnostic approach, enables us to tailor a personalized treatment plan targeted specifically to address the underlying causes of disease and enable the patient to return to a state of optimum health and vitality.

This is Integrative Functional Medicine: Healthcare for the 21st Century.

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